Come to Elite Auto Clinic of Gun Lake, LLC for foreign and import repair services including these top Infiniti makes and models:

  • Infiniti QX50
  • Infiniti QX80
  • Infiniti Black S

Infiniti has found a unique way of combining performance, styling, and luxury into a package with uncompromising reliability. Many Infiniti models are built on a Nissan platform with added engineering that gives the Infiniti a high-performance edge. Regular maintenance is required to keep a high-performance engine of Infiniti's caliber running smoothly. Regularly scheduled oil changes, along with air filter and fuel filter replacements, will help maximize the life of your Infiniti vehicle.

It is common for Infiniti drivers to enjoy more aggressive driving applications. Hugging the curves, performance braking and accelerating may require extra maintenance for your calipers, pads, wheels, and suspension. Our staff technicians combine knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair your Infiniti luxury vehicle quickly and accurately. The pro mechanics at Elite Auto Clinic of Gun Lake, LLC understand the engineering standards and computer systems that give your Infiniti its edge.

Most Infiniti vehicles face few auto repairs over the lifetime of the vehicle when they are properly maintained. But at Elite Auto Clinic of Gun Lake, LLC, located in Gun Lake, we know that every now and then even the most sophisticated cars can need repair. Give your Infiniti the best and bring it to Elite Auto Clinic of Gun Lake, LLC."

Bringing your Infiniti to Elite Auto Clinic of Gun Lake, LLC in Gun Lake means you will be back on the road before you know it. Our staff at Elite Auto Clinic of Gun Lake, LLC prides itself on courteous and friendly customer service. We are here to service all your Infiniti needs. You can call us at 269-795-9277 to schedule an appointment or stop by our service center at 12223 W M179 Hwy, Gun Lake, MI, 49348. Our friendly staff is waiting to help.

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